Relationship Renewal

Relationship Renewal

“We are continuously faced with great opportunities brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems” - Margaret Mead

Seeking mediation doesn’t have to mean that you are on the road to separation or divorce;  it does mean that you are ready to make changes in your relationship.

You may seek Relationship Mediation from a place of desperation:  We can’t stand living this way anymore, and we don’t know what to do.

You may seek Relationship Mediation in the spirit of wellness care: This partnership is working, and we want it to keep working.

You may seek Relationship Mediation because you have a specific issue (growth opportunity!) that keeps getting in the way:  Every time we try to talk about “X” we end up yelling (and/or blaming, and/or in silent treatment.)

Mediation is practical. It is about making a decision to seek positive change, and being willing to take the first step. The mediator will help you identify the issues, and then guide you in productive conversation as you navigate a new way to engage with your relationship partner.

Life is about relationship – with ourselves and with those around us. By investing in positive relationship change, we are investing in a positive future for ourselves and the people we interact with.

At Cheshire Mediation, we believe that every family needs to have the freedom to find its own path – whether that path leads to divorce or not – and to discover ways of working, living, and raising our children that will work best for our unique situation.